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20 Apr 2022

Artist Development Programme recordings

Digital Democracies is committed to sharing accessible skills development and knowledge cascade for artists and creatives at all stages of their career.

As part of Digital Democracies Artist Development Programme, we recently ran a series of hands-on masterclasses and tech talks from artists and creatives working in digital and emerging practices.

Over the last month we have released three of the tech talks and two of the masterclasses as free recordings to watch back and follow in your own time.

Open to artists and creatives at all stages of their career, the aim of the programme is to connect, share and explore new digital skills and insight that can accelerate interrogation of digital and emerging practice for all. The sessions were led by highly esteemed creative professionals exploring art, technology and public space within their practices.

Click the links below to watch the recordings:
Tech Talk #1: Making Terrible Robots and Making Them Great with Air Giants
Tech Talk #2: Digital Atmosphere – AR art app with Studio Above&Below
Tech Talk #3: Creating Cinematic Virtual Environments
with Mnemoscene
Masterclass #1: Creative Coding A Visual Arts Approach
with Ashley James Brown
Masterclass #2: DIY Light
with Thomas Buckley

Air Giants in their studio with a large white inflatable piece laying on the floor.

About the Artist Development Programme

The aim of Digital Democracies Artist Development Programme is to connect, share and explore new digital skills and insight that can accelerate interrogation of digital and emerging practice for all.

The Masterclass recordings will allow you to explore and experiment whilst learning the basics of creative coding with artist and developer Ashley James Brown, as well as having an introduction to the basics of hacking, breaking, and inventing things using DIY light and projection with artist and storyteller Thomas Buckley.

The Tech Talks connect you to an array of expertise and insights from a range of speakers. Discover how Studio Above&Below collects and sources air pollution data to create a mixed reality artwork; hear from Air Giants Co-Founder Richard Sewell about how their large-scale, joyful, interactive robots are made; and find out how cultural heritage objects can inspire cinematic virtual environments with Mnemoscene.

How to Access

Recordings are available to watch back on our YouTube channel #DigitalDemocracies playlist. You can come back to the recording to watch as many times as you like and follow at your own pace.

Each of the sessions recordings can also be found here: Masterclasses & Tech Talks

Don’t forget to leave your feedback

Your feedback and comments are really important to us. After watching a recordings, we would really appreciate if you could take a few minutes to fill out the session’s feedback survey as this helps us to learn and develop our future programmes.

Links to survey’s are in the YouTube recording descriptions, or if you’ve already watched a recording, here are all the feedback survey links:

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