Creating cinematic virtual environments inspired by, and incorporating, cultural heritage collections – Mnemoscene 

The aim of this session was to introduce the audience to the creation of cinematic virtual environments inspired by, and incorporating, cultural heritage collections. It focused on filmmaking within these virtual environments and give an overview of the multi-screen film installation  ‘Grace’ (2021), commissioned by, and installed at, the RNLI Grace Darling Museum, UK. 



Digital Atmosphere – AR art app – Studio Above & Below

The aim of this class was to introduce the audience to how the artists go about collecting, sourcing or generating data. In particular, it gave an overview of how Studio Above&Below used data derived from an air pollution sensor for ‘Digital Atmosphere’, a mixed reality artwork, and how they are currently researching and developing a process to source and implement air pollution data from the web throughout the UK. Through further funding, the project is currently being transformed into a public accessible app aiming to use air pollution data across the UK.


Making Terrible Robots and Making Them Great – Air Giants 

Built for close-up interaction with people, using little more than fabric, air, light, and computation, Air Giants’ big-scale robots draw from puppetry, robotics, software, and interactive technology, and they aim to bring a sense of joy and wonder to large audiences.

The speaker, Richard Sewell, who co-founded Air Giants in 2020, building a company made of people skilled in software design, aesthetic design, fabrication and robotics, discussed their giant joyful interactive robots, share insights about how they came to make them, and their history with creative technology, robotics and interaction. The outcome of the class was to get a general understanding of emotionally effective technology, and the processes behind projects created for large audiences.


Recordings of the sessions coming up soon!



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