05 Jul 2021

We-Hope Call Out Briefing Session

We-Hope and Digital Democracies have announced a Call-Out for Artists to use testimonials collected from survivors of conflict to create an interactive digital animation.  The commissioned work will be shown in public outdoor space and premiered at Frequency Festival 2021 in Lincoln. We hosted our briefing session for candidates, the recording of which you can find below. 

The successful commission will be part of a European-funded project to update the ancient visual storytelling notion of the Cantastoria.

Having completed the first stage of the project to build a digital archive hosting the stories, WE-Hope and their UK partner Digital Democracies are now seeking proposals to use digital technology to share them.

Ideally, the piece will be generative and able to be influenced by audiences experiencing the work either online or in public space.

The final animation will be presented alongside a live choral performance of a new composition inspired by the testimony commissioned for the project.

Watch our briefing session:


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