Digital Democracies’ first artist in residence Thomas Buckley presented his brand new commissioned work at Frequency 2021 as part of the Cornhill High Streets Heritage Action Zone Cultural Programme.

This multi-sensory installation invited you to take a fleeting glimpse into the lives of Lincoln.

Outside St. Mary le Wigford Church the visitors could explore the everyday objects (wardrobes, rocking chairs, umbrellas) that offered up some extraordinary stories. As they interacted, each revealed memories hidden inside. Through a playful use of scent and immersive technology, light artist and storyteller Thomas Buckley inspired a feeling of connection.

Through his work with local communities and archival objects, Thomas retells the stories of the city in this exclusive premiere event.


Thomas Buckley works as an artist and storyteller using digital media. He often works in projection, immersive technologies (VR, AR, XR) and interactive installations. His work is often about using digital or XR outcomes as a poultice to draw out our humanity.

“I believe public opinions around technology and humanity are too dichotomous: Technologies are developing rapidly to respond to our physicality and personal information. Seeing ourselves as lacking control over this, or as being intrinsically separate from technology will I believe lead to an immoral and anti-human digital culture.”

This commission has been supported by funding from the High Streets Heritage Action Zones Cultural Programme.

About High Streets Heritage Action Zones
The High Streets Heritage Action Zones is a £95 million government-funded programme led by Historic England, designed to secure lasting improvements and help breathe new life into our historic high streets for the communities and businesses that use them. Historic England is working with local people and partners to unlock the rich heritage on these high streets, through repair and improvement works as well as arts and cultural programmes, making them more attractive to residents, businesses, tourists and investors.


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