Alongside commissioning and artist development, we are committed to testing and exploring new routes for talent development, whether that is emerging talent, new practice and process or technology focused.

Our approach is human-led, using data and insight we identify key areas for development and design and test training linked to production methods, rapid prototyping and collaboration and development of talent pipelines through education partnerships and community connection.


Talent Development Events:

Collaborative VR Co-Commission with FE students from Grimsby IoT (Apr 2022)

Based on the commission “Come follow me” by artist Adrian Riley and “The Murmuration” by Annabel McCourt, the students will work with Inkibit Immersive to produce a VR commission that combines oral history, living archive, people and words.

Over a two-week period, learners will work collaboratively and be mentored by professional creatives and artists to understand how to interpret a creative brief and to create a digital extension of a public realm work that can be manipulated and experienced by local audiences.


VR Sound Hackjam: Spring Forward Festival (Mar 2022)

A 2-day participatory Hackjam for female identifying musicians and sound artists to explore the sonic parameters of Virtual Reality as a performance and improvisational space.

This was an experimental safe space, designed to support and nurture female collaboration in a way that can allow participants to think about potential future practice, digital expansions and new routes for experimentation. Programmed by Threshold Studios, the event was led by Inkibit Immersive, a female-led creative collective that uses VR to help individuals and organisations in underrepresented groups tell stories from the messy middle.

“I enjoyed the sense of play, experimentation and inclusiveness. The space felt safe and raised lots of interesting questions about tech, performance and community” – VR Sound Hackjam participant

people wearing VR headsets in a university classroom

Talent Development RADAR sandpit for Undergraduates at University of Lincoln (Feb 2022)

As part of 2022 Industry Week at University of Lincoln we introduced students from Lincoln School of Film and Media to Inkibit Immersive, a female led VR collective in a VR Hackjam.

The elective Hackjam empowered students to prototype and test VR technologies and personal creative concepts, supported by industry professionals.

“I have realised how much I enjoy working with VR, and having the ability to build a world that I can then enter and feel as though I am really there.’’ – VR Hackjam participant.

“I now feel more confident in how to use Unity and want to pursue it further in the future.” – VR Hackjam participant

Read about the VR Hackjam event here.

Prototyping: Yello Brick (Nov 2021)

In 2021, we ran a week long sandpit led by Yello brick to prototype gamification of public spaces. The week long online incubator connected participants to industry expertise, creative sprints and a talks programme from sector experts.

person wearing a green coat and long brown hair, wearing a VR headset and holding controllers in front of a screen showing a virtual room

From Home, Fusebox as part of Brighton Digital Festival 2021 (Nov 2021)

From Home is a project that captures the experience of ‘home’ as it is lived and articulated, presenting these experiences with digital technologies that are both reflective and illuminating.

For Brighton Digital Festival 2021, Moving Pictures Theatre (MPT) and Language Umbrella Media (LUM), with support from Wired Sussex’s FuseBox Innovation Lab, invite you to immerse yourself in the From Home project, and contribute your own thoughts on ‘home’.

From Home was originally conceived as a piece that uses conventional video collected from a broad range of people talking about their experiences of lockdown. From an award winning film about domestic violence in India, to a film about childbirth in Margate; from self-isolation in a garden shed, to writing messages in pebbles on a beach and singing songs of hope in Canada. For these prototyping sessions, the footage will be combined with 360 filmed content, 3D scanned environments, and web-based VR, to create an interactive and immersive experience.

Programmed by Lighthouse, supported through Digital Democracies.

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